About Vancouver

A growing cosmopolitan world-class city with the largest port in Western Canada.

Vancouver: The World Has Discovered Us!

Vancouver is a growing, modern, well-established multi-cultural city with high quality, financial and other business services available.

Tax Incentives

More flexible rules reflect the structures of modern shipping organizations.

Canadian Tax Incentives!

You can manage your international shipping business from Canada without creating a taxable presence.

Welcome to the Vancouver International Maritime Centre

Vancouver, Canada is a crossroads of culture and commerce situated on Canada’s West Coast. A sophisticated, modern, diverse and business-savvy gateway to the Pacific Рand the rest of the world, Vancouver has emerged as a global locale of choice for those wishing to invest, play, create and work in a safe and stable trade environment.

The Vancouver International Maritime Centre works to ensure international shipping interests who locate here are provided with the best-possible business climate, a flexible and competitive tax regime, and the financial and leading edge technological support needed to meet your objectives with minimal start-up costs. Please contact us, and let us show you why you should locate here in Vancouver, Canada.