Vancouver – Strategically Located for International Business

As the global economy gravitates toward Asia, Vancouver is well positioned to serve as a vital maritime hub linking North America with the Asian-Pacific region. The city is geographically closer to Asia than any other city in North America. Shipping cargo from China to Chicago via Vancouver, for example, would save approximately 40 hours, compared to shipping through Los Angeles.  A key contributor to its success is Canada’s Pacific Gateway; an intricate network of ports, railways, roads and airports that efficiently move goods through Vancouver to the world. Vancouver’s Pacific time zone also allows corporate leaders to conduct business in Europe, North America and Asia on the same business day. The Vancouver International Airport, voted the top airport in North America for the 6th consecutive year in 2015, serves 53 airlines with non-stop service to more than 110 destinations in North America, Europe and Asia. Since 45% of Vancouver residents are foreign-born, the city is further connected to the global community at a cultural level.

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