THE Port of Vancouver, famous for its landscape and the striking presence of giant yellow piles of sulphur, is one of Canada’s leading container ports. The near 3.1m teu throughput recorded in 2015 was a record for the port, which has seen trade with Asia grow substantially.

The port has four container terminals, at Centerm, Vanterm, Deltaport and the Frazer Surrey Docks. Within the north part of the harbour authority’s jurisdiction, near the city, there is the DP World Centerm container facility, with Global Container Terminals running the Vanterm terminal.

The port’s largest terminal is the more southerly and remote Deltaport. The smaller Fraser Surrey Docks is a breakbulk and container terminal on the River Fraser.

The port is pushing through a number of expansion projects, not just with its container terminals, but with its wet and dry bulk-handling facilities too.

For its container traffic, it has a proposed Centerm Expansion Project, which is a series of improvements to increase the number of containers that can be handled at the existing terminal by approximately two-thirds. This will take the capacity from a current 900,000 teu to 1.5m teu.

These proposed improvements include an expansion of the terminal area, reconfiguration of the terminal, and road and rail access improvements.

The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project is a proposed new three-berth container terminal at Roberts Bank in Delta. The project would provide 2.4 m teu capacity to the Deltaport facility.

Recently, the port issued a project permit to Global Container Terminals Canada to reconfigure the Deltaport Container Terminal’s intermodal yard, including new container-handling equipment, as well as construction of a new rail maintenance facility building and associated infrastructure upgrades at the facility.  Courtesy of Lloyd’s List