Vancouver: The World Has Discovered Us

Vancouver is a growing, modern, well-established multi-cultural city with high quality, financial and other business services abundantly available.

Banks renowned worldwide for their reliability, politically stable governments with AAA credit ratings, and a welcoming, business-friendly approach are keystones in Vancouver’s business-friendly environment.

A growing cosmopolitan world-class city with Canada’s biggest port, and North America’s most diversified seaport, Vancouver has become a location of choice for major international companies.

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Competitive Advantages for Businesses

By locating at Vancouver IMC, you will benefit from operating from a well-respected and sought-after and resource-rich business centre in a locale with a temperate climate, a superior quality of life, as well as Canada’s attractive and globally competitive international shipping tax regime.

International businesses operating in Vancouver on a non-resident basis will find significant business advantages over other centres:

  • A broader range of income types qualify for tax benefits in Canada compared to other jurisdictions
  • Dividends and interest from qualifying subsidiaries may be included in shipping profits
  • Companies operating at VIMC may hold an interest in a company that carries on incidental or non-shipping related activities
  • Only most – not all – of gross revenue needs to be from shipping profits
  • No capital gains tax on contracts disposed of during transfer of vessels
  • Opportunities for creditor protection and asset protection
  • Senior management can be located in Canada

Ease of Financing and Access to Capital Markets

  • Easy access to capital markets in North America
  • World renowned AA banking system
  • No foreign currency restrictions
  • Work with US and Canadian tax efficient financing structures